Any more questions?

In case there are still open questions: Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Selofelo!

How do I open an account?

You go to "register" at the top right of the page, that means create a user account with name and e-mail address. You can choose an avatar and off you go! ☺

Why do I need to create an account?

So that you can go to a location and support it financially with your visit.

What will it cost me?

An obolus of 5€ per bar. This will be sent directly to the location you visit, minus the applicable fees.

How can I pay?

With all common online banking options.

What does that get me?

Wherever you are, you can have a unique time with your friends and meet other people.
You enable/secure/open an independent constant for you and your favorite places.

What is a time slot ticket?

A time window ticket is a temporary stay in the chat room. After the appropriate time has expired you are out of the chatroom.

How do I get into a location or its chatroom?

On the map all available places are marked with pins. You can click directly on a pin or select a location from the overview. In addition to the respective information you can also access the chatroom there. Before entering the chatroom you have to pay an entrance fee (What does it cost me?).

What about the games?

The game request is posted in the chat room at irregular intervals. You can decide for or against it. The games are always different. There are quiz questions, puzzles to solve or an action challenge. Depending on the game extension, there are also interactive game variations.

What is a "social competition"?

Something that can happen to you anytime and anywhere: an uninvited companion, someone or something that annoys, a mood killer, an unpleasant topic of conversation, a threatening situation. To get rid of it, we offer you different options that you can use anytime and anywhere.

How can I participate?

If your town has Selofelo, just go to "register" at the top right. If there is no Selofelo in your town:Contact your city government and tell them about Selofelo, send them the link .
If you are an organizer, part of the city council, a club, tour operator or bar owner and want to bring Selofelo to your city: contact us!
If your city already has Selofelo, you can register yourself or your location via "Provider Login".

What is a push notification?

A reminder message that is automatically sent to you upon activation to remind you of your local party and prepare for it.You get an overview of all shopping possibilities, you can generate and send an invitation link for your friends and you will be reminded again shortly before your date ☺

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